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  • I have seen a shadow figure above me, I woke up afterwards. I will never forget it.

  • This bitch is still seriously trying to sell tickets ?? I would *love* to meet her one day… I’d tell her exactly what kind of twisted ,fake ass fraud she is. She needs to go away because no one is going to take her seriously again.

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  • Patrick kehoe

    I’m a believer in the paranormal but sorry to say looks like they’ve actually dressed something and put it there..its just too hard to believe

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    great article.

  • That is so faked! Pathetic!

  • Anonymous

    Where is the picture? The one above is just her face and hair

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  • Michelangelo

    There’s a lot more to this !! Will we ever know what happened leading up to this nightmare for them..

  • Tanya Jackson

    I just want to know how the ghost adventures team are taking this tragedy and how do they feel about it?

  • Benjamin

    You want to open that door to the other side, dark things enter your body and soul! May God Bless those left behind in this tragedy!

  • Rob S.

    What a crock of BS from Huff. He says – “The best time to reach someone is within 24 hours of their passing and I find nothing wrong with it at all, especially if it is the best chance for communication,”

    If that statement was true, then there would be no such thing as EVP, ITC, spirit box communiction because the ability to contact spirits would be gone after 24 hours. Gettysburg would be a non-location for contacting spirits as that happened, what a 150 years ago? Certainly more than 24 hours, so there should be ZERO chance of making contact with any Union or Confederate soldiers if what Huff says is true.

    That is Huff’s defense for shamelessly, exploiting a tragedy. Pathetic.

    • Michelle

      Where did he say you can’t receive any contact after a 24 hour period?

      • Rob S.

        From his post on the 23rd of Sept at 11:36AM, 7th paragraph down says and quote….”I will state again: The best time to contact someone after they pass is the 1st 48 hours. I have tested this theory for 5 years and it is always the case. If we wait we usually miss out as it gets MUCH harder to do. Sometimes impossible. So I will always do what I do, no matter the case and many times they are kept private and never shown, which will be the case here (as I said from the start yesterday).”

      • kirsten

        I don’t know about 24 hours…but I am an empath. I will say that I have had dreams of my deceased loved ones where they were able to communicate with me until the day after the funeral. Then it seems that contact is spotty. I don’t expect that to be scientific or anything, but as scientists, as the Constantino’s were, we push our emotions aside to conduct important research. I believe they would understand.

    • Michelle

      Can you tell me where he said anything about all contact being gone within 24 hours?

      All I’m reading is that he feels the best time to contact is right after death. I can’t find anything about him saying you can’t get any contact after 24 hours of the death in this article.

      Or are you taking the information from somewhere else?

      Sorry if this double posts, I don’t know why nothing is showing up when I post it.

  • Karma

    Wow. I think you left your conscience at the door, there; buddy.

  • Heriberto Crespo

    Soo Sad!!

  • Its very disgraceful what hes doing

  • yolanda

    Im sick of peoples judgements! Steve Huff did what Steve Huff does! If he says within 24 48 after death.who cares! Maybe it works that way with him.Steve Huff does this as well as Mark and Debbie.its who they were and are.Knock the shit off people! Nothing wrong with what Steve Huff did!

    • Rob S.

      I’m going to debunk this nonsense point by point.

      1) Steve Huff does what Steve Huff does. These days its shameless self promotion when a tragedy like this happens. He didn’t use to be like this until his head inflated like a balloon. But when all you care about is fame and fortune……..

      2)You say who cares if he says 24-48 hours? Go do some actual research on what happens, as somebody already posted here. Also, Steve said 24-48 hours then contact is almost impossible. Did you understand the magnitude of that statement? If that was true then all spirit communication after 48 hours should be next to impossible. All of it. It’s nothing more than a pathetic excuse to justify what he is doing. He is not a visionary with new profound views like Copernicus.

      3)Steve does this as well as Mark and Debbie??? Really? Please list all the times Mark and Debbie did EVP or ITC to communicate with people who had just died. What celebrities did they try to make contact with hours after death? Mind you, when Steve does ITC in his house or a haunted location, did you ever see backlash like this over his work? Nope.

      4)There was something absolutely wrong with what Steve did. He was not friends with the Constantinos as far as I know. He was not acquainted with them as far as I know. He was not asked by the family to make contact as that would have been the farthest things from their minds. Know if he was doing a regular session and they made contact through him that would be different than him rushing out to do his own contact and then publicize it so his ego would be stroked knowing he was the first one to do it.

      What is equally sad is that once news broke of the deaths, people started predicting that Steve would pull this stunt.

      You may think he did nothing wrong, but 95% of the paranormal community thinks the opposite. Why don’t you go contact Dave Scharder from Darkness Radio and personal friend of the Constantinos and see what he thinks as he has already spoken on this matter.

    • Daaniel C. Reiter

      So you obviously believe that anything that criminal and charlatan says to be true? You are pitiful, as are all of Huff’s “slaves”.

    • Rhonda

      Nothing wrong with what he did? Ask the Constantinos daughter is she feels that way, too. It’s called common decency and respect, both of which Huff lacks. He said it himself…”I have a sense for business, how to promote a business”…in the business management world, we call that marketing. Unfortunately, most successful businesses build their success on unethical marketing practices and Huff is no stranger to it.

      • Loopycann

        Ask the constatinos daughter????? I hope that selfish little twat gets EVERYTHING she as coming. Really? So you think what Steve did in any way was worse than her actions? Get a grip on reality.

      • N.c.

        Nice. You’re right though there’s business and personal and since dude says he’s pretty sure that the Constantino’s weren’t friends with Steve Huff then its not like it was personal. I may be pissed at someone who owes me money for an item I sold them and for whatever reason they never made good on paying me. But if I cant afford to let go of something then I shouldn’t have let them leave with it. Now if that same person came to me again wanting to buy a different item and could pay the full amount right then and there would I sell the item to them?? YES I WOULD. But let’s face it people love to hate. LOL I also noticed that Steve Huff didn’t charge anyone to see that video that I saw.

  • Reba

    prayers for the family .. Feel for their daughter to have this happen.. They will be missed

  • That’s terrable I remember them from ghost adventure I hate hearing things like this so sad

  • Bruce

    so will they now be picked up on other ghost hunters equipment?


    Huff is a vile piece of shit for doing this to propel his imaginary career and any who condones his action is a big a turd as he. Lets pray when you die someone shits on your grave.

  • I’ve always believed Mark and Debby Constantino to be among the most notorious frauds in the contemporary paranormal ‘business’, and this event has not changed my opinion. That being said, it is sad when anyone passes, especially under such horrific circumstances. As for Mr. Huff, my problem is not that he attempted to make contact so soon, but his willingness to make that fact known in what appears to be an attempt to capitalize on the tragedy.

    • Kathy

      Ok, so nothing wrong with what he did..except a lot of people think there is something wrong with what he did- which he CLEARLY did for notoriety. Maybe the bar should be set a little higher than this. Maybe you’re okay with it in the gutter. These people have families to be considered, not just his need to prove a point. He could have done what ever he wanted without publicizing it. He didn’t. He tried to get clicks and followers on someone else’s tragedy. That is bush.

  • Reggie Mars

    Has the Bobby Macky curse struck again?

  • steve barry

    I had heart failure March of this year…I was shocked back to life 53 times..I left this earth for sometime as they kept shocking me back. Let me tell you..when you leave here there’s no conception of time ..or place. You feel peace! Your not looking for a spirit box or listening for someone to give you a shout out! Your wondering were you are at…searching your new surroundings…..I may be one of the few who made it back here that’s in the paranormal field..So Mr. Huff I’ll tell you this..your theory is totally wrong.

    • Michelle

      You’re alive aren’t you?

      I think you’re wrong to automatically assume what you experienced was actual death, especially seeing as you’re still alive. It was a near death experience.

      And many people who have actually been far beyond brain dead, and been brought back to life completely contradict what you’re saying. You story only corroborates with the beginning of death, not the full experience.

      I seriously don’t understand why everyone is being such sticklers over his belief that the best time is right after death. And unfortunately I don’t think what you can say you experienced can even relate.

      Mark and Debby are actually dead, they’re not coming back. You are still alive and came back, regardless of what you experienced, you never fully died is my point.

      • steve barry

        Michelle have you ever had a NDE! If not don’t preach to me what death is…I guess in your value of life death is when you don’t come back..In my value death is when you any doctor if you flatline you dead unless someone rives you in time… tell me whats the full experience….please tell me your a surgeon!

      • steve barry

        So Michelle your saying that 24 to 48 window is the best time to talk to spirits…Have you been reincarnated..other wise please show me proof or the science behind this….and if an evp is captured …how does one know that..that is the spirit that just left that body? Please explain I really wanna here this answer.

  • nico

    I’ve had weird vibes from the husband for years, ever since I saw them on the first episode they were on together. dude had that look about him, like a possessed/ obsessed jealous prick and she probably didnt help matters. they seemed to jibe like oil and water

  • Darci


  • Cindy

    Just a few miles away is a reputable group called SPPI… Shadow Patrol Paranormal Investigations. The head honcho’s name is Rhonda. Go to nearby Redkey, and go to the 4 way stop in the middle of town on S. R. 1. She might be found in the haunted Grey Hotel on the N.W. corner, or the next two shops west, or the floral shop.

  • Kay Ramage

    very excited about the release of the night vision action cam I’ve been involved in the background for too long,so am now looking to setup my own paranormal equipment stop* so looking for advice on what to buy as a beginner-certain makers,pricing etc. Am I in the right place.

  • Shannon

    You are a vile and disrespectful person.

  • I feel bad for the Constatinos they were great EVP operators and saw them several times on Ghost Adventures with Zack Bagans.

  • I feel bad for the Constatinos they were great EVP operators and saw them several times on Ghost Adventures with Zack Bagans.

  • I do not believe the husband is in heaven. He is more likely to be in hell. I went through a lot of abuse from my mother and I did not try to kill her.

    • Rudy Oliver

      Maybe they can contact them on the show and find out.

  • Paula

    Wow! We only know the tip of the iceberg!

  • Paula

    They suck! Time to give it up!

  • Keli

    Im trying to understand what kind of girl makes comments like these about her mom? And this is the girl who was also involved in the previous kidnap and strangulation. I simply cannot make sense of this nor wrap my head around her comments. I hope that she finds some type of peace and compassion in her soul because whats showing is not very nice.

    • Kelly

      I was wondering the same thing. This Girl sounds as nutty as her Father. I know we dont know what went on with them but whatever it was Debby and her Roommate did not deserve to die. The Daughter might want to look into some mental health help because I think she got her Fathers mental issues. I had an abusive relationship where my boyfriend beat me and on occasion I defended myself but I never thought of killing the jerk.

  • Meygon

    You people do realize that this is false right ? The people who wrote this article mixed up his words. He didn’t say anything like that. I’ve been following Huff for a while now and if you check out his Facebook you can see what was really said and done.

  • Alexandra Shepiro

    Wow..this girl really needs Help!

    Sorry,. but there is no way in hell that Mark is in heaven after what he did!

  • Susan D

    FYI!! The statement made by Steve is being taken out of context, 1st this was made in response to a post by someone on his page saying it would be disrespectful and NO one should try to contact Mark or Debby etc!! He was simply saying what he believes that the 1st 24-48 hrs R critical in his opinion for contacting those who have passed(public figures or not) everything in the above article has been misconstrued and taken out of context and made to look a certain way by jealous haters! I have seen his posts right from the get go, and he has said MANY PPL in the ITC field have tried to contact them as well as him and that he will NOT be posting it ever publically in the near future if ever!!! So PPL check the facts out before U swallow something U read on the NET from one source which is simply trying to cause more strife and get more fans to their page!! SMFH!!

  • J lo

    Steve huff didn’t say any of this… In fact Steve huff himself has said he wasn’t going to attempt this on these individuals or post videos… In fact John Albrecht jr. I would like to see your source. These are all blatant opinions based on no facts. If you’ve actually been following huff for a long time you would see this doesnt even fit huffs personality or agenda.

  • melissa

    Steve has not even attempted to contact people only slander this man because he works so hard in the paranormal field and its your jealousy of him. If you put forth half of the energy in the science instead of putting energy into slandering him you may be as successful with contacting spirit and working tirelessly to learn how the other side can help us understand things better. Your a bunch of heartless bullies in my opinion.

    • Jewell’s

      That is a lie he did say in one of his videos he did contact mark and Debbie ! Fact !! He said he didn’t know if or when he would ever put it on his y t channel ! He is a fraud and everyone who is legit in the itc field know this! He should be ashamed of himself for this and for faking his evidence !! If you want to see real evidence I can list a few people who get real responses because Steve huff does not ! John Huntington, proving demons . Order of magnitude. EVP paranormal science, The high priestess. Many many others in the truth seekers group! They all stand for integrity! Watch some of these investigators.

  • Tanya shrock

    The constantinos daughter should be ashamed of herself saying that about her mother. It doesn’t matter what she did in the past she is her mom and deserves respect even in death. Shame on her!!!!

  • J bishoff`

    this is a bunch of crap Steve never even did a session like this and nobody even contacted him to ask if it was true next time you write something try going to the source before telling lies to the world.



  • Rob S.

    The kool aid drinkers listen up, you do realize there is a thing called “EDIT” to Facebook posts. Go look at Steve’s post about the the whole thing from the 23rd. It says up on the top “EDITED”.

    See, people take screen shots and quote what was said. then major backlash comes out. Oh, time to do some fancy editing to remove the incriminating remarks. Then go out and cry oh woe is me the haters are so jealous of me. The lemmings lap it up and then rush out to defend him. Oh he never did that as they are crying right now.

    I never gave one hoot about him and his work, he’s a dime a dozen out there. But I watched this one play out to see what would happen and amazing how many sheeple worship at his alter. Good night kool aid drinkers.

    • Patty Hale

      Rob, you are part of the Huff hater group that tries to post anything they can that negative about Steve. You haters are bullies and you do it all the time. So people, if you don’t know anything about Steve, know that he is a man of integrity and love. There is a mob of very evil people that go after him all the time. They are jealous, have always been of him. They go to the extreme of faking videos of him. They have done horrible things. They spend a lot of time on their hate. They are a Lynch mob. They would do worse if they could get away with it. Some of them are already in trouble with the authorities or are being watched.

      • kirsten

        Patty, you can’t edit comments that others leave. Only the original post. Just an FYI. I’m unbiased on Huffs work also.

  • glorygirl

    The twisted daughter neglected to mention her father also murdered a totally innocent bystander, her mother’s roommate. So this can’t possibly classify him as heaven-worthy. She’s
    evil, just like her father was.

  • glorygirl

    Hope there is still some way the daughter’s pending criminal charges against her mother can move forward. It would be possible if otherwise eye witnesses were present.

  • paula

    let me get this perfectly clear EVERYTHING HERE IS A LIE Tim Woolworth LIE’S .
    DO NOT listen and read all this bull shit if you want real talk to Steve he is the nicest and most uncomplicated man he is truthful and honest to the end i for one would rather trust a honest man than many others out there including the back stabbing Tim Woolworth AND OTHERS. )O(

  • Daaniel C. Reiter

    Steve Huff has proven himself to be a liar, a fraud, with absolutely zero respect for others, including his pathetic “fanbase”. Those of us in the know, have seen this time and time again. Huff personally inboxed me several times claiming he had received death threats from another well-known researcher. Lies. All of you who continue to stick up for him are nothing but “fanboys” to the vile AIDS-like creature called Huff. NO ONE in the paranormal community that possesses a whit of integrity buys into his bullshit. I could go on and on and on, but it would just go over your heads and fall on deaf ears. Just wait…I can guarantee you all…Huff will fall.

  • brandy

    I would absolutely LOVE to hear the whole thing. I was ready the minute he announced it. Absolutely yes, this is all fresh. Wounds are festering. But, who better to hear evidence from than from debby herself…even if it’s so fresh for us. It’s not fresh for her. As excited as she got over capturing an evp, I can only imagine how excited she would be to cause this phenomenon.

  • Kelly

    Yeah and I am sure we don’t know what you and your Father put your Mother through either, having two of you nut cases on her back could not have been a picnic either. I would have fought back too. RIP Debby and rot in Hell Mark just like your Daughter will when she kicks the bucket. Such a shame two people lost their lives because of one Man thought they should die.

  • steve barry

    who is Steve Huff never heard of him anyway…

  • Lisa

    Since this daughter was the same daughter that was “allegedly” (after reading her comments, I use the term loosely) involved in the kidnapping, strangulation, burglary and beating of her mother and mother’s friend, and is also the same daughter that occupies the residence that the murder/suicide of her parents occurred at, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she was somehow involved in this, too. Could it be she was actually there at the time and that’s why Mark needed “15 minutes to think…”, so that it gave her time to escape? These are all just speculative ideas running through my head. Obviously, I wasn’t there, but it is possible. Maybe she didn’t expect her ‘Daddy’ to kill himself, that may have been an afterthought, but I wouldn’t put it past her for, at least, giving him the place in which to pull off the kidnapping and murder. She needs to be investigated THOROUGHLY! Especially, after making such harsh and disrespectful comments like that about her own MOTHER. I’m sure at the very least, they won’t bode well for her previous case (if they can still try her, that is.)RIP Debby, you are the REAL VICTIM here, you and James. May you both find peace and happiness in HEAVEN. Mark, I pray you are free of your DEMONS now. You have God to answer to and I pray for your soul. All I can say is I wouldn’t want to be where you are standing right now. What’s ironic is, if you go to Debby’s and Mark’s website and scroll all the way to the bottom, to the last small video box, there is a video of Mark and Debby talking about what they think happens to us after we die.

  • This is NOT the whole story John and I would have appreciated clarification if you were going to write such a story……there will be clarification by another journalist soon…..disappointed in this article immensely

  • stephanie

    I don’t understand the anger that can make a daughter talk that way about her mother after she’s murdered..and a father after he’s killed her mother. It’s baffling to me! Anyone who goes out with that girl needs to watch his back. She’s not right in her head. Shameful behavior, hopefully she has the conscience now to feel bad about her comments.

  • kirsten

    Hey, this article is missing a chunk or something…it doesn’t really explain the relation of the suicidal ghost hunter and the dead woman found in the hospital. Also…ghost hunters!! Be safe!! Do regular blessings and cleansings of yourself and home areas as per your spiritual following!! An attached spirit can cause domestic issues, depression, psychosis…. Be aware and have a friend/family member watch you for changes. This is important!! I do a blessing before a hunt and after, and use a salt spray mist of all of us to zap the clingers before they trail us home. Much love all!!

  • kirsten

    Bwahahaha!! A dinosaur!! Lmfao!! Maybe a brontosaurus…t-rex couldn’t, arms are too short. Lol!!!

  • kirsten

    I have aa quite few pics of ghosts caring for children. Really common in cemeteries.

  • kirsten

    As paranormal scientists, we are what we do. I see nothing wrong with doing this. The Constantino’s had a tragic end, very sad, but this is what they loved. It is no more disrespectful than placing a bottle of booze in the coffin of a person who died of alcoholism, and in fact, I feel it is actually less disrespectful. It honors them, in who they were in life. I really think people are being too hard on Steve, and I feel is easier to reach them soon after death. I believe the paranormal world is shaken by this horrible chapter for the Constantino’s, and we all have a right to grieve/make sense of it in our own way.

  • JudiinNJ

    I hope little Rocky finds a husband just like her “daddy”.

  • Mary

    Why did the daughter have to strangle her mom? How horrible is that? What a terrible, bad decision. She must make a lot of other bad decisions too. How does one kidnap her mom? Why? That’s just plain crazy. I wonder if her parents spoiled her? I don’t care how bad your mom is to you, just stay away. That’s all you have to do, just have limited interaction with her would have been the wise thing to do.

  • Veronica Tobeck

    im so very discussed with the behavour of this girl you ought to be ashamed of your self after your mother brought you into this world and raised you and you go and do a thing like that what sort of daughter are you all you think about is your self and that is it you don’t care about anyone but your self how could you do that to your mum let me tell you this your mum will be going to heaven your poor mum I feel sorry for let me tell you girlie your so very selfish and cruel

  • Veronica Tobeck

    And you don’t have a heart you have no feelings let me tell you this your dad will be in hell now where he will be for ever your mum did everything for you your mum wanted you to have everything this is what you and your so call father did and you what sort of 2 are yous girlie when you die you will be going to hell where your father is

  • Veronica Tobeck

    I hope that your mum haunts you I really do trust me she will now I hope everyone will have nothing to do with you I just can’t understand why it sounds like to me you need help really badly not that it’s not going to change a thing

  • Paranormal Truth

    We need to look at the crime and it sad that Debby died because of an individual who was mentally deranged and had no respect for human life. We cant simply turn our heads and ignore the fact that he killed two people just to be politically correct, As much as I am not a fan of Brian, the truth is the truth. If this was someone who the paranormal community didnt know they would have crucified him for such a heinous act, yet because he was an TV investigator he gets a free ride? Any man who beats on a woman, who strangles, hurts, maims or kills her our of sheer jealousy and hatred is a loser, plain and simple regardless what celebrity status they held.

  • Paula

    Yeah Brian.

  • Becca

    This is a very sick and hurting young lady.. No matter how bad she is still your mom.. You are right no knew what went on in your home I hope you and your sister find peace somehow someway.. May u find God u need him..

  • Jesse Roth

    This is deplorable. No one “deserves” to die. While marks actions were inexcusable and not right, I fear that Brian is just using this to try and weasel his way back into the paranormal field. He has been supposedly spotted claiming to have come out of retirement…. He didn’t retire, he was booted out after scamming people. He also was supposedly seen claiming to be the godfather of paranormal pfft. And claiming he made Mark and Debby who they are??? Wth does Brian think he is?

  • Don

    Brian Harnois is a toad! We’re talking about a complete idiot that faked his own Suicide and drew attention to himself. What a scumbag!

  • Mike

    Once again Harnois shows us his true self and it makes for an quite unflattering picture. Not only is the Ghost Hunters show reject sounding more like a school playground bully than an investigator, boasting of a supposed challenge he made to Mark, but also erroneously criticizes the integrity of Mark & Debbie’s evp work which is actually generally accepted as reference quality stuff (certainly light-years ahead of Brian’s amateurish efforts). Just mean trash-talk from the mouth of a has-been is all, avoid if possible.

  • Janice Meredith

    Brian is no saint…..I believe he was kicked off the show! I know they said he left, but this twit always thought he was better than all the other’s on Ghost Hunters!!

  • Kristin

    While this article in itself is poorly written, I will just comment on the flawed logic and rampant hearsay (that isn’t even borderline slanderous). Giving credence to someone’s accusations, such as in the case of Ms.Thomas’s, without supporting documentation is unscrupulous. Posting an image of a bank statement not addressed to Ms. Thomas (as being so poorly written I could only infer as much) is dispicable to say the least.

    Even if the author of this article had a valid case, they have lost all credibility in writing a piece tantamount to tabloid trash. Why? Because between the little facts that could potentially be substantiated lies rampant conjecture and speculation.

    I suspect the author possesses no formal education, and anyone who reads this rubbish as true lacks basic critical thinking skills.

  • I think we should let God decide who goes to hell and heaven. I don’t believe it is for any of us to make his decision. What does need to happen is for the remaining family members to get whatever counseling they need or what ever support to help them live with this and realize that bad things happen to people everyday. I am sure that we all wish we had the power to prevent such things but we don’t so we can”t. What we can do is tell those we are close to that we love them each and everyday. So there is no question in anyones mind how you feel about them.
    For the traumatic way it ended. I hope all soul will rest in peace. Amen

  • Curtis Keisler

    Dear John,
    While this news is very upsetting to me, I don’t understand the point of this article. I think that you are doing a great disservice to the paranormal community by refusing compassionate reporting, and by not calling for unity or help of the people being affected. Of course a fledgling business is going to cover up a scandal. While they should have reported the truth about the events, I’m not convinced that their intentions were bad. However, it doesn’t matter whether they are or not. At this time, with the paranormal community, by not calling for compassionate action, banding together, and by shaming and dogging members of the community, you are not only doing a discredit to yourself as a reporter, but also, the community as a whole. I would appreciate it if you would take some time when writing your articles to leave room for explanation, and keep from putting others on the defensive. You are a contributing factor at this point to the crumbling credibility of the paranormal community, and it would be wise to amend the stance you are taking in your reporting. Please consider the way in which you approach your articles in the future. Just a thoughtful suggestion. You are a powerful and respected voice in the community, and you are doing yourself a great disservice by rejecting the opportunity to be a conscious voice for unity and collaboration.


    Brian …after you went into hiding over the past fiasco …commenting like that upon others family in a derogative manner will only move the remaining fans away and for the others wonder about why you think youre qualified to make such an opinion when you left your own fiasco just a little while ago unfixed and not forgotten,,,most respecting professionals passed on condoleces not barbaric bs and behavior,Go get checked – you could have an attachment.Have you hugged your kids today?!?!?!?!?

  • Lance Tipton

    The only thing I didnt like about the article is that Coffey is referred to as a psychic. He should be referred to as an alleged psychic!

  • H Y

    This is the worst story I have ever read. Its full of gossip and slander. No real news here. Did a high school kid write this? Sounds like they took everyone they personally don’t like and decided to let loose on all of them in one swoop. Most likely none of it is factual. Too much drama and pettiness in the paranormal field. Its a shame. WORST ARTICLE EVER!!!!!!

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    Thank you a lot and I am taking a look ahead to touch you.

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  • Little birdie

    Great article. Very faactual. interesting how so many are tied together in some way scamming others. Funny also on the Malone matter that Williams , Brown , and Hamm took the opportunity to open an entertainment business right then to Malone’s demise to “do thinks right” yet are doing things wrong.

  • The Punisher

    Brian is the devil.

  • MordorianQueen

    Well, there’s the pot calling the kettle black.

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  • Tonnie Moon

    No matter what this girl’s mother did in her life, what she said about her here is unforgivable. I wonder what that poor woman went through during her time with this obvious psycho and their horrible daughter. I can only imagine… and we’ll likely never know; all we’ll know is what her daughter will say of her.
    Her mother gave her life and at least a seemingly good one. It is just unconscionable that she disrespect her like this in death.
    Her comments make me wonder if she didn’t murder her mother and he dad took his life in lieu of her having to answer for it?
    Like someone else said, “I hope this is investigated VERY thoroughly.”

  • The article is well written based on a said chain of events. everyone always wants to shoot the messenger,well news flash, these articles have saved thousands from scum bag scammers.

  • Maddie Daise

    It would be nice if you got your facts straight. This story is complete hogwash as is most of the stories you write. How about writing a story telling us YOUR skeletons? You seem to like to take a very tiny fact and blowing it up into a bogus piece of junk, so why not give us the scoop on YOU?? Karma finds everyone and especially those that like to hurt other. Sure wish I could be a fly on the wall when she visits you!

  • Maddie Daise

    Here, post THIS!!!

    Let’s see you blast your own self! YOU spent time in jail, Selena never did. Think I will make a web page saying you were jailed for 10 years and beat the child and raped the man! You will like that, right?? Be on the look out for the page link as it will be posted to facebook very soon and the Para world (Who are thoroughly sick of you) will be sharing it like crazy! See ya in the funny pages!!

  • L. Lancey

    John already has done that:

    John hasn’t lied or denied anything. Selena Roane has. Besides this isn’t about John it is about ASAP Entertainment, their lies and fraudulent activities.

  • John F

    Whatever you think of Steve Huff, in no way did he publicly attempt to promote ghost boxes or apps as your supposed “some people” claim. I’m not a fan of Steve, but a fan of the truth.

    He made a terse statement on his closed, member-only Facebook page he had attempted contact and would not post results. That was all. The screen shot of his post with the exact wording can be easily found.

    Is contact attempt immediately after death controversial? Sure, but so is any attempt at any time with many folks in society.

  • Karissa Fleck

    A lot of people said negative things about mark why write about only one of them? You cry blackmail on your one post about some unknown group you are out to destroy and say the lady is harassing you with fake profiles. Hahhahaha! Karma guess when tasting your own medicine you aren’t able to handle it.

  • John V.

    I am somewhat psychic when it comes to reading energy from pictures… and this is a negative malevolent entity.

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  • Lea

    Why are people blasting Brian? He’s right. Mark killed an innocent woman. He was scum. Good people do not kill, kidnap, strangle, torture. Disgusting human beings do not deserve to be protected and cared about. People are ridiculous. Lets stop caring about the evil and care more about the victims, the innocent. Mark and their daughter (If she was involved) deserve what he got and what she has coming. Debby did not deserve to die. Stop protecting the bad and defective and stop blasting the ones who have the balls to stand up and say what they feel and deserves to be said. Just because someone is a human being does not mean they deserve to live… killers deserve to die, stop trying to be so politically correct.

  • Lea

    and for not passing judgement… I will judge someone who kills another. As should you. Step out of that box you live in.

  • I don’t care what Debby did or how she allegedly abused her family, she left them. She moved on. They had no right to chase her down, kidnap, strangle and eventually murder her.

    I don’t care for either Mark, Debby or Brian. I prefer people of integrity and honesty. But neither my feelings or yours, have any bearing on what happened. Mark does deserve to burn in hell and he probably is. His daughter deserves a very long jail sentence and I hope she gets it.

    You don’t hunt down, kidnap and murder, no matter how much you hurt or feel you’ve been hurt.

    And for those of you seeking attention through this tragedy, (Brian and Huff Paranormal), you’re disgusting. May the spirits forever stop speaking with you.

  • Jesse Roth

    I’ve still yet to see any licensing or insurances policies produced on behalf of ASAP Entertainment. So far I’ve only ever seen a suspect certificate to hold the name out of the state of Alabama. Those certificates are not business licenses. They only hold the name for a year so the company can obtain proper licensing.

  • Bahahahaha

    Haha karma a bitch one will ever go to one of you events again. Guess now you will just have to pay to go ghost you.always have.

  • Margaret

    So….she was 4 years old and can say with certainty that there were no other children in the house with her? What an amazing memory she has!

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  • kiki

    K I want to know what abuse she is talking about? It sounds as if she is implying that it was her mother who was the abuser and not the father??? I’m confused because DEBBIE didn’t seem to be an abusive women and what could make a husband and daughter drag her out beat hee kidnapped her held her hostage and so on….. What exactly is she talking about??? It seems like she is brainwashed because this sounds as if he is the abuser she got away and he couldn’t handle his property to be taken from him and after everything he couldn’t have her no one could have her and maybe she was dating this roommate that is DEAD. I hope that the sister she speaks of can sort this out for us…who was the abuser how long was this abuse and if she also thinks that her daddy is the good guy and the mommy was the abuser… I just am so confused about all this and I wish this little bitch could have some decent bones and tell us….how can the mother who took the abuse be in hell…

  • Lorna Burrough

    If, indeed, Debby was the awful person her daughter claimed, why the hell didn’t the two of them just let her go, be rid of her once and for all? Common sense, eh? To claim that hell is her mother’s final destination proves her lack of understanding. Furthermore, if she understood what hell truly is, she would not even wish it upon Hitler! See 23 minutes in hell. No one, regardless of wrongs passed, could bear to wish this extent of suffering upon another, muchless one’s OWN MOTHER. Somebody please exercise this girl. HATRED begets HATRED. If she fails to understand what spirituality truly is, it will be HER in hell for eternity. “Honor your mother and father and you will live a long life.” She’s already trimmed the end of what would have been her golden years. This child desperately needs our prayers and a Christian mentor. Someone please help her before it is too late!

  • Lucypotato

    As Brandy says, I believe Debby for sure would have wanted to be contacted right away as well, this is what she did in life so everyone get over it?

  • He has a Master’s Degree in Human Resource and Organizational Development and an undergraduate diploma in Business Administration.

  • Louise

    I’m so sick of these P/C arsehats.Brian,while rolling in offal at times, has a grip on the essence of mark and daughter.They obviously were watching the golden egg laying goose take a powder and tried to put a stop to that.

  • Tezco

    What a bitch the daughter is!

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  • This is why you dont mess around with spirits. They can take over you and make bad things happen in your life .

  • Karen Randall

    I cannot believe that someone would say something so despicable and evil about their poor Mother who had been murdered by her father. She certainly appears to be like her father. She also needs help to say and think things like that, I am so sad for the mother. R.I.P Debby.

  • Mystic

    Stop writing such crap. She has always been promoting her books no matter what. She feels bad about Ryan and tried to help. Stop printing things if you dont have the facts or all the information. Just to get people to read your junk.

  • Mark Stevens

    What a bunch of bullcrap! Michelle has deliberately kept her personal business and the unfortunate news about her old friend separated as anyone who actually follows her on social media knows. The post shown above is a comment stating that she can no longer comment on the news because she needs to concentrate on her own pursuits. She did not “use” the news or any of her actual comments (which were few and tasteful) about Mr. Buell’s problems to sell anything. Perhaps Mr. Albrecht should refrain from commenting about the entire business until he spends time learning from Ms. Belanger how to treat fellow human beings with compassion.

  • Annoyed

    This is a ridiculous, shameless, and false on it’s face claim. Besides the grossly over stated opinion of one amateur, the only actual proof I see being offered is Michelle Belanger offering an apology for those people Ryan Buell has wronged – An apology, mind you, that she did not have to give, as she was as much a victim in the situation (by your own account) as anyone else. This was taken from her own social media account, and not set as some click-bait to make you see her book. This is trash journalism. Please leave the writing to the professionals… for example, the one targeted in this ‘article.’


  • Deana Ellis

    You are sorely mistaken if you would look at her Facebook and Twitter account you would see she has been selling that book for weeks. How about you do some research before you publish something that is not the truth??

  • Alexandra Shepiro

    This is a BS Story! Michelle is a cool good person!

  • Anna-Maria Kimber

    You have obviously done no research whatsoever about Michelle Belanger otherwise you would know that she has been promoting her book for awhile now.
    I have personally met Michelle Belanger and find her to be one of the most genuine people I have ever met.
    You could quite easily be sued for slander with this article. You need to rethink your day job because obviously you have no intelligence for media.

  • Jason Sweeney

    The fact that an author is compelled to promote their work through social media…

    Does not inseparably dovetail with commenting about the realities witnessed first hand about Mr. Buell.

    You ought not conflate seperate posts regarding separate topics due to proximity.

    Sensationalist claims from poor augury of intent is a known mechanism of libel. And a known ruiner of journalistic reputation.

  • A. Austin

    Michelle is a good person. She tried to help Ryan. I’m sure she also knew that if he didn’t want the help than there was nothing to be done but be there when he he does accept/be forced help.
    I’m sure she has to keep busy with her books and her own life so as to not dwell on the loss of a good friend. Because addiction does that…turns people into something you don’t recognize. This article is mud slinging crap directed at a good person that many admire. Shame on Mr. Albrecht Jr.

  • Dan

    Well this proves the author is a raving idiot, if you can’t figure out how linked profiles work on fb, you really should have a hot cup of STFU.

    At no point was she trying to sell her book or promote her book while she expressed her thoughts on his arrest.

    You’re just using this as a click bait to get attention.

  • Nicole Boatright

    Whatever people. Anybody that knows Michelle knows this is a bunch of BS! Anything for a story! Smh

  • Deacon Gray

    How pathetic of you to try smear, Michelle. I used to have respect for you and this site, but it’s obvious you’ve become rotten. Michelle’s page and followers are well aware of her books, no mention of Ryan will add to, or take away from her books sells.
    Anyone can see that if they aren’t just acting bitter and venomous. Shame on you!

  • Krissi Hubbard

    I don’t see anything wrong with that. She never even got paid for her last season on Paranormal State. Buell used her good name and added her name to the tour to get money from the poor people he ripped off. $80,000 or more they stole ( Sergey Poberezhny too).She had every right in the world to do what she did.

  • Jess

    She’s been selling books way before all this, fans know this is crap lol smh

  • Mark Stockman

    “But I’m a celebrity! Celebrities don’t have to pay for things!”

  • botweener

    Uuumm. Where did you get Toronto from?

    • Steven Simmons

      Did you read the post? Ryan said so in his Facebook posting.

  • Ted Rose

    I have zero evidence to prove this, it’s just a strong “feeling” I have that Chip is either a 100% fraud OR a partial fraud who was told by PRS, the production crew OR simply saw the weekly production call sheet which tells what time & locations are being filmed, no Dick Tracy skills needed. After getting the location a few days ahead of schedule then it’s just like a scene out of a poorly acted over the top soap opera scene. He walks in to the “mystery” location & his spirit guide “comes to him” with the details of the haunt. I would say I don’t believe in psychics but my wife converted me before we married. I’ve worked in radio over 3 decades & met my wife in a tiny little town in Big Sky country, Great Falls Montana, obviously not a hotbed of paranormal lore. We had recently started dating & she asked if I would go with her to visit a local psychic she had gone to a few weeks earlier. We all know in the early dating days you shouldn’t laugh in your new love interest’s face. I’ve never believed in psychic’s abilities. That day she didn’t have an appointment but knew she accepted walk-ins. Remember this was in the mid-80’s, so it was “BI”, before the internet, plus she had NO appointment. I listened as the woman did her “mumbo jumbo” & pretended to believe it but there were several things the psychic told her that I thought, WTF, but didn’t let on. When she was done she said to me, “you don’t believe any of this do you?” I told her it was interesting but never answered the question. She asked me to sit down & handed me a deck of cards to shuffle. She told me that she wanted to read me for free to “convert” me, I said “ok” but in my empty head thought, “good luck with that!”. About half an hour later I was so shocked, rocked & felt like I should be locked….away! Clearly I was going crazy because this woman talked about a few things that only THREE people knew anything about & one of them was dead! Other than the big shocker that acted like an earthquake on me she kept hitting me with tremor after tremor of information about my past, present & future that even WITH the internet she couldn’t have known. I 100% believe that there are true blue psychics but there even more shysters out there. For non-believers the first argument you will give me is, she said something to fish information out of me, WRONG! She asked the ONLY thing I should say is YES or NO until towards the end of the session. At the end I was able to ask ANY questions I wanted to. One question I wanted to ask was is the woman I am dating now someone I will stay with. (after my first marriage ended in 12 months I was a bit gun shy) I couldn’t ask that question so I ended up going back a few weeks later by myself and, among other things, she told me the woman that was with me is the woman I will stay with the rest of my life, she’s right! Don’t believe? Find a non-shyster psychic & be amazed, I know it’ll be tougher to be amazed with the internet but if you do a walk-in, don’t ask for your last name & stay in the room from beginning to end…..probably a real psychic!

  • Laika Matthews

    With a daughter like u, who needs enemies?? Was it u that told where she was?!?!
    R.I.P Debbie.

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