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Ryan Buell extradited to Pennsylvania to face felony theft charges

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Celebrity ghost hunter Ryan Buell has been extradited from South Carolina to Pennsylvania to face felony theft charges. The former “Paranormal State” star allegedly stole a rental car in State College.

Buell had an arraignment in Centre County Court on September 26 and his bond was set at $35,000. The case is set for pretrial and his next appearance is October 5.

Buell rented a Kia Sportage from Hertz/Eagle Automotive in State College, Pennsylvania on August 1. The car was never returned and when the manager tried to extend the rental as a courtesy, Buell’s credit card was declined for lack of funds. Buell was contacted by the business in an attempt to get him to return the car but he didn’t respond.


Police attempted to contact Buell at the address he provided to the rental company but he no longer lived there. An officer sent Buell messages through Facebook but Buell did not answer but he later posted several messages to his fans on his Facebook wall.

Charges were later filed with the Centre County District Judge Carmine Prestia on September 14. Buell also posted a video of himself on his Twitch account, playing video games with his fans in New York City at a hotel room on September 14.


After Buell’s arrest, a post was made to his Facebook fan page.

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