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Michelle Belanger uses news of Ryan Buell’s arrest to sell her book

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Ryan Buell’s “Paranormal State” cast-mate Michelle Belanger uses his arrest to try and sell her book on Facebook.

Celebrity ghost hunter Ryan Buell was recently arrested in South Carolina on a warrant for felony theft charges from Pennsylvania. His friend and “Paranormal State” cast-mate Michelle Belanger utilized the news to try and sell one of her books on Facebook. The news of Buell’s arrest was a trending topic on the social network.

Belanger was supposed to be part of Buell’s tour where he scammed his fans out of nearly $100,000 by cancelling the tour dates and pocketing the money. Belanger claimed that she didn’t get paid or any of the funds from ticket sales.

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  • Mystic

    Stop writing such crap. She has always been promoting her books no matter what. She feels bad about Ryan and tried to help. Stop printing things if you dont have the facts or all the information. Just to get people to read your junk.

  • Mark Stevens

    What a bunch of bullcrap! Michelle has deliberately kept her personal business and the unfortunate news about her old friend separated as anyone who actually follows her on social media knows. The post shown above is a comment stating that she can no longer comment on the news because she needs to concentrate on her own pursuits. She did not “use” the news or any of her actual comments (which were few and tasteful) about Mr. Buell’s problems to sell anything. Perhaps Mr. Albrecht should refrain from commenting about the entire business until he spends time learning from Ms. Belanger how to treat fellow human beings with compassion.

  • Annoyed

    This is a ridiculous, shameless, and false on it’s face claim. Besides the grossly over stated opinion of one amateur, the only actual proof I see being offered is Michelle Belanger offering an apology for those people Ryan Buell has wronged – An apology, mind you, that she did not have to give, as she was as much a victim in the situation (by your own account) as anyone else. This was taken from her own social media account, and not set as some click-bait to make you see her book. This is trash journalism. Please leave the writing to the professionals… for example, the one targeted in this ‘article.’


  • Deana Ellis

    You are sorely mistaken if you would look at her Facebook and Twitter account you would see she has been selling that book for weeks. How about you do some research before you publish something that is not the truth??

  • Alexandra Shepiro

    This is a BS Story! Michelle is a cool good person!

  • Anna-Maria Kimber

    You have obviously done no research whatsoever about Michelle Belanger otherwise you would know that she has been promoting her book for awhile now.
    I have personally met Michelle Belanger and find her to be one of the most genuine people I have ever met.
    You could quite easily be sued for slander with this article. You need to rethink your day job because obviously you have no intelligence for media.

  • Jason Sweeney

    The fact that an author is compelled to promote their work through social media…

    Does not inseparably dovetail with commenting about the realities witnessed first hand about Mr. Buell.

    You ought not conflate seperate posts regarding separate topics due to proximity.

    Sensationalist claims from poor augury of intent is a known mechanism of libel. And a known ruiner of journalistic reputation.

  • A. Austin

    Michelle is a good person. She tried to help Ryan. I’m sure she also knew that if he didn’t want the help than there was nothing to be done but be there when he he does accept/be forced help.
    I’m sure she has to keep busy with her books and her own life so as to not dwell on the loss of a good friend. Because addiction does that…turns people into something you don’t recognize. This article is mud slinging crap directed at a good person that many admire. Shame on Mr. Albrecht Jr.

  • Dan

    Well this proves the author is a raving idiot, if you can’t figure out how linked profiles work on fb, you really should have a hot cup of STFU.

    At no point was she trying to sell her book or promote her book while she expressed her thoughts on his arrest.

    You’re just using this as a click bait to get attention.

  • Nicole Boatright

    Whatever people. Anybody that knows Michelle knows this is a bunch of BS! Anything for a story! Smh

  • Deacon Gray

    How pathetic of you to try smear, Michelle. I used to have respect for you and this site, but it’s obvious you’ve become rotten. Michelle’s page and followers are well aware of her books, no mention of Ryan will add to, or take away from her books sells.
    Anyone can see that if they aren’t just acting bitter and venomous. Shame on you!

  • Krissi Hubbard

    I don’t see anything wrong with that. She never even got paid for her last season on Paranormal State. Buell used her good name and added her name to the tour to get money from the poor people he ripped off. $80,000 or more they stole ( Sergey Poberezhny too).She had every right in the world to do what she did.

  • Jess

    She’s been selling books way before all this, fans know this is crap lol smh

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