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Chip Coffey claims to have had ‘ugly interactions’ with Ryan Buell

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Psychic Chip Coffey says he had “ugly interactions” with Ryan Buell and isn’t surprised to learn of his troubles. Buell’s former “Paranormal State” co-star continues to try and distance himself from his friend since their failed “Conversations with the Dead” tour where Buell pocketed nearly $100,000 from fans after he cancelled multiple events.

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John Albrecht has been a paranormal investigator for over a decade, eight years with his own organized team. Having had a paranormal experience in 2001, he has been looking for answers ever since. John currently lives in a haunted house somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Ted Rose

    I have zero evidence to prove this, it’s just a strong “feeling” I have that Chip is either a 100% fraud OR a partial fraud who was told by PRS, the production crew OR simply saw the weekly production call sheet which tells what time & locations are being filmed, no Dick Tracy skills needed. After getting the location a few days ahead of schedule then it’s just like a scene out of a poorly acted over the top soap opera scene. He walks in to the “mystery” location & his spirit guide “comes to him” with the details of the haunt. I would say I don’t believe in psychics but my wife converted me before we married. I’ve worked in radio over 3 decades & met my wife in a tiny little town in Big Sky country, Great Falls Montana, obviously not a hotbed of paranormal lore. We had recently started dating & she asked if I would go with her to visit a local psychic she had gone to a few weeks earlier. We all know in the early dating days you shouldn’t laugh in your new love interest’s face. I’ve never believed in psychic’s abilities. That day she didn’t have an appointment but knew she accepted walk-ins. Remember this was in the mid-80’s, so it was “BI”, before the internet, plus she had NO appointment. I listened as the woman did her “mumbo jumbo” & pretended to believe it but there were several things the psychic told her that I thought, WTF, but didn’t let on. When she was done she said to me, “you don’t believe any of this do you?” I told her it was interesting but never answered the question. She asked me to sit down & handed me a deck of cards to shuffle. She told me that she wanted to read me for free to “convert” me, I said “ok” but in my empty head thought, “good luck with that!”. About half an hour later I was so shocked, rocked & felt like I should be locked….away! Clearly I was going crazy because this woman talked about a few things that only THREE people knew anything about & one of them was dead! Other than the big shocker that acted like an earthquake on me she kept hitting me with tremor after tremor of information about my past, present & future that even WITH the internet she couldn’t have known. I 100% believe that there are true blue psychics but there even more shysters out there. For non-believers the first argument you will give me is, she said something to fish information out of me, WRONG! She asked the ONLY thing I should say is YES or NO until towards the end of the session. At the end I was able to ask ANY questions I wanted to. One question I wanted to ask was is the woman I am dating now someone I will stay with. (after my first marriage ended in 12 months I was a bit gun shy) I couldn’t ask that question so I ended up going back a few weeks later by myself and, among other things, she told me the woman that was with me is the woman I will stay with the rest of my life, she’s right! Don’t believe? Find a non-shyster psychic & be amazed, I know it’ll be tougher to be amazed with the internet but if you do a walk-in, don’t ask for your last name & stay in the room from beginning to end…..probably a real psychic!

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