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Paranormal event headliner Selena Roane is a major drug offender and tied to event scams

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A popular paranormal event personality from Texas has a secret that she doesn’t want anyone in the paranormal community to know. She is a habitual and major drug offender with multiple felony convictions and she is also linked to numerous paranormal scams. 


Selena Roane makes her living traveling across the country doing speaking events and paranormal investigations at various alleged haunted locations. Earlier this year, Roane assisted paranormal event planner Carol Malone by selling tickets and promoting for an event called “A Haunting at Tombstone” that ultimately turned out to be a scam. Malone cancelled the event and her customers never received refunds. She was arrested and charged with “theft of services” and a case is being put together by the Tombstone Marshals Office.

Selena Chip 1

Roane is also best friends with psychic Chip Coffey and often is seen with him at his speaking events. Coffey appeared on A&E’s “Paranormal State” with Ryan Buell. Last summer, Buell scammed his fans out of thousands of dollars when he scheduled events, cancelled them, and then kept the money. Coffey claimed that he had no involvement in the scheme and spoke against his longtime friend in an interview. Buell still hasn’t issued refunds to his fans for the cancelled events.

Tombstone Cancelled

Roane is now a featured talent with ASAP Entertainment, a company owned and operated by Connie Williams-Williams, Becky Travis Hamm, and Gary Eugene Brown. Brown, a former sheriff deputy, was recently arrested in Georgia and is being held in jail on charges of contempt of court and nonpayment of child support. Brown allegedly stole over $1300 from the entertainment company, which caused the agency to cancel “The Resurrection of Tombstone” event scheduled for November 6. Roane and Brown were both involved in Malone’s Tombstone event as speakers and Williams and Hamm were special guests.

ASAPHamm claimed that “The Resurrection of Tombstone” event was cancelled because another paranormal company reserved most of the locations in Tombstone. The event was announced in May, over four months ago, so the locations should have been booked already. Brown was an organizer and Roane was supposed to headline the event. Coffey was originally scheduled to appear but bowed out when he heard John Albrecht was attending.

Williams created “The Resurrection of Tombstone” with Brown and Hamm. They promised to fix the relationship of the town of Tombstone with the paranormal community due to Malone’s failed event “A Haunting at Tombstone” that was supposed to happen in May.

Malone sat down with Albrecht in the Four Deuces Saloon and told him that she feared for her life and was worried that Williams would do something to her or might try to harm her. She hired three Arizona Ranger bodyguards to protect herself from an angry and allegedly drunken Williams. Some could argue that Malone didn’t show up the next day to finish the event because she was intimated and scared by Williams.

YouTube personality Steve Huff is also linked to Roane. After Malone bailed at the first Tombstone event, Huff helped Roane film her new show that she was working on. Huff was recently in the news for trying to contact EVP specialists Mark and Debby Constantino immediately after their death. Some people think Huff is using the tragedy to sell his ghost boxes and ghost apps. The Constantinos were best known for appearing on “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel. They were killed on September 22 in a domestic violence incident, in which Mark murdered his estranged wife Debby and then took his own life in their daughter Raquel’s apartment.

Steve Huff Constantino
Just a few months before Malone’s event, Birdcage Theatre manager Leroy Colomy was shot and killed in the street. The 74-year-old worked at the Birdcage for 20 years. Colomy was featured on “Ghost Adventures” in 2009 when Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures Crew conducted a paranormal investigation of the location.

LeRoy Colomy was shot and killed near the Birdcage Theatre where he worked at

 Tombstone is known as the “Town Too Tough To Die” and a negative force may be lurking within it. In its dusty streets, its just waiting to attach itself to someone.

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John Albrecht has been a paranormal investigator for over a decade, eight years with his own organized team. Having had a paranormal experience in 2001, he has been looking for answers ever since. John currently lives in a haunted house somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Lance Tipton

    The only thing I didnt like about the article is that Coffey is referred to as a psychic. He should be referred to as an alleged psychic!

  • H Y

    This is the worst story I have ever read. Its full of gossip and slander. No real news here. Did a high school kid write this? Sounds like they took everyone they personally don’t like and decided to let loose on all of them in one swoop. Most likely none of it is factual. Too much drama and pettiness in the paranormal field. Its a shame. WORST ARTICLE EVER!!!!!!

  • Little birdie

    Great article. Very faactual. interesting how so many are tied together in some way scamming others. Funny also on the Malone matter that Williams , Brown , and Hamm took the opportunity to open an entertainment business right then to Malone’s demise to “do thinks right” yet are doing things wrong.

  • Maddie Daise

    It would be nice if you got your facts straight. This story is complete hogwash as is most of the stories you write. How about writing a story telling us YOUR skeletons? You seem to like to take a very tiny fact and blowing it up into a bogus piece of junk, so why not give us the scoop on YOU?? Karma finds everyone and especially those that like to hurt other. Sure wish I could be a fly on the wall when she visits you!

  • Maddie Daise

    Here, post THIS!!!

    Let’s see you blast your own self! YOU spent time in jail, Selena never did. Think I will make a web page saying you were jailed for 10 years and beat the child and raped the man! You will like that, right?? Be on the look out for the page link as it will be posted to facebook very soon and the Para world (Who are thoroughly sick of you) will be sharing it like crazy! See ya in the funny pages!!

  • L. Lancey

    John already has done that:

    John hasn’t lied or denied anything. Selena Roane has. Besides this isn’t about John it is about ASAP Entertainment, their lies and fraudulent activities.

  • John F

    Whatever you think of Steve Huff, in no way did he publicly attempt to promote ghost boxes or apps as your supposed “some people” claim. I’m not a fan of Steve, but a fan of the truth.

    He made a terse statement on his closed, member-only Facebook page he had attempted contact and would not post results. That was all. The screen shot of his post with the exact wording can be easily found.

    Is contact attempt immediately after death controversial? Sure, but so is any attempt at any time with many folks in society.

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