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Paranormal event planner Gary Brown pocketed funds from Tombstone event

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Paranormal event planner Gary Brown was recently arrested in Georgia. The former sheriff deputy is being accused of stealing funds from The Resurrection of Tombstone event, an event he was supposed to host in November.

Tombstone Cancelled
Gary Brown was arrested on September 2 for contempt of court and for failing to pay child support. The 43-year-old former sheriff deputy is currently in the Catoosa County Jail. Brown runs Spirit Paranormal Equipment, ASAP Entertainment, and is the host for The Resurrection of Tombstone, an event that was created to fix the relationship of the town of Tombstone with the paranormal community due to another failed event that happened earlier this year.

In May, paranormal event planner Carol Malone was arrested in Arizona for scamming people and businesses out of thousands of dollars in Tombstone. Malone scheduled multiple events and haunted tours in the historic town but cancelled the event and disappeared without issuing her guests refunds.


Malone scheduled a two-day paranormal event in the town of Tombstone that was supposed to occur from May 1 through May 3. The event called A Haunting at Tombstone was originally planned to feature various speakers, celebrities, and have haunted locations to tour and investigate. Only about a few hours of the event actually happened.

ProstituteLondon Knight was the name that Malone gave to most of her guests and to business owners that she had venues with. The name is a stage name that Malone used when she was a prostitute and a stripper. She also used it as a pseudonym for the “Stiletto Diaries” and “Amityville: House of Lies” books that she self-published.

Malone was accused of ripping off her guests and not paying the business owners and the Tombstone locations are out of thousands of dollars owed by Malone for services, food and drinks, lodging, and tours that she promised to pay for. Malone allegedly scheduled multiple rooms at various motels and hotels for her guests to stay in this weekend, but when she arrived in town, she didn’t pay for them.

A majority of Malone’s guests and talent that showed up were expecting to be in a high-end hotel with their own room. They were told that they had to stay at a cheap motel and share rooms with other guests when they arrived. Folks paid for nice rooms but the rooms they ended up with were run-down.

Malone disappeared to her motel room at the Budget Host Inn after Erie Echo reporter John Albrecht confronted her at the Four Deuces Saloon in downtown Tombstone on Friday night. Malone got word that Albrecht was in town to do a story on her so she never participated in the first few hours of the event and was found hiding out in the bar. She spent the entire night avoiding angry guests with the help of three Arizona Ranger bodyguards. Malone eventually left in tears after Albrecht questioned her. She never showed her face again on Allen Street and she eventually cancelled the event altogether the following afternoon.

The 46-year-old eventually got detained by one of the Tombstone Marshals and cited for “theft of services” for non-payment of several locations in town. Upon leaving the Tombstone Marshal’s office, she claimed she was going to walk to the Tucson airport because no one would give her a ride. Later that night, over a dozen police reports were filed with the Marshals Office at Albrecht’s hotel, the Tombstone Grand. Officers went looking for Malone but didn’t find her at her room at the Budget Host Inn. She was later seen by several guests with a paranormal radio host from Alabama. She was spotted going in and out of his room where he was allegedly hiding her.


Tombstone Marshal John Houston said that Malone was taken into custody where she was fingerprinted on Saturday afternoon and cited with “theft of services” at the Tombstone Marshal Office. Houston said that his office is building a case against Malone and turning it over to the Attorney General’s office where she may face additional charges.

“The event happened but no one showed,” Malone claimed when she was being detained at the Marshals Office.

Brown must have thought he could run the same scam as Malone did. But he didn’t get too far.

Gary Brown Facebook

Brown’s Facebook looks like it has been hacked with someone going as far as changing his Facebook URL to Another event planner stated that the event in Tombstone is being rescheduled due to the locations already being booked by another ghost hunting group. Troy Taylor of American Hauntings booked a lot of the locations in Tombstone and Bisbee for the same weekend that the event was supposed to take place.

“Date change due to another paranormal company is having their event at the same time and booked most of the locations,” Becky Travis Hamm said.


Brown’s former girlfriend Susi Thomas reached out to Erie Echo with information regarding the allegations. Thomas said that Brown stole more than $1300 from ASAP Entertainment’s PayPal account. He transferred the funds to his bank account and then withdrew the money, causing the account to go negative.

Gary Brown Bank Account

“I gave him $12,000 of my own money to help him pay his child support. But he told Connie and Becky that I was stealing his child support money every month which is totally not true. I have supported him the last four years. He was making about an average of $50 a month selling paranormal equipment,” Susi Thomas said.

Thomas said that Brown often borrowed money from her two teenage kids. She even caught him stealing her jewelry and selling it on the internet.

ASAPA few of the customers that paid to go to the event are upset because they have already made travel arrangements that are nonrefundable. Refunds were given to some of them through PayPal by the event coordinator Connie Williams. Due to the chaos that Brown caused, the November event was cancelled.

Carol Malone’s Haunting at Tombstone curse seems to have attached itself to the Resurrection of Tombstone event. It was supposed to make up for Malone’s botched event but Brown is stealing the funds, Hamm didn’t book any of the locations, and Williams has to fix the entire mess by using her own money to refund unhappy customers.






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John Albrecht has been a paranormal investigator for over a decade, eight years with his own organized team. Having had a paranormal experience in 2001, he has been looking for answers ever since. John currently lives in a haunted house somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Kristin

    While this article in itself is poorly written, I will just comment on the flawed logic and rampant hearsay (that isn’t even borderline slanderous). Giving credence to someone’s accusations, such as in the case of Ms.Thomas’s, without supporting documentation is unscrupulous. Posting an image of a bank statement not addressed to Ms. Thomas (as being so poorly written I could only infer as much) is dispicable to say the least.

    Even if the author of this article had a valid case, they have lost all credibility in writing a piece tantamount to tabloid trash. Why? Because between the little facts that could potentially be substantiated lies rampant conjecture and speculation.

    I suspect the author possesses no formal education, and anyone who reads this rubbish as true lacks basic critical thinking skills.

  • Curtis Keisler

    Dear John,
    While this news is very upsetting to me, I don’t understand the point of this article. I think that you are doing a great disservice to the paranormal community by refusing compassionate reporting, and by not calling for unity or help of the people being affected. Of course a fledgling business is going to cover up a scandal. While they should have reported the truth about the events, I’m not convinced that their intentions were bad. However, it doesn’t matter whether they are or not. At this time, with the paranormal community, by not calling for compassionate action, banding together, and by shaming and dogging members of the community, you are not only doing a discredit to yourself as a reporter, but also, the community as a whole. I would appreciate it if you would take some time when writing your articles to leave room for explanation, and keep from putting others on the defensive. You are a contributing factor at this point to the crumbling credibility of the paranormal community, and it would be wise to amend the stance you are taking in your reporting. Please consider the way in which you approach your articles in the future. Just a thoughtful suggestion. You are a powerful and respected voice in the community, and you are doing yourself a great disservice by rejecting the opportunity to be a conscious voice for unity and collaboration.

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  • The article is well written based on a said chain of events. everyone always wants to shoot the messenger,well news flash, these articles have saved thousands from scum bag scammers.

  • Jesse Roth

    I’ve still yet to see any licensing or insurances policies produced on behalf of ASAP Entertainment. So far I’ve only ever seen a suspect certificate to hold the name out of the state of Alabama. Those certificates are not business licenses. They only hold the name for a year so the company can obtain proper licensing.

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