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Brian Harnois says Mark Constantino deserved to die

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Brian Harnois lashed out at Mark Constantino on one of his Facebook pages. The former “Ghost Hunters” star called the deceased “Ghost Adventures” guest star a “murdering scumbag” and said he deserved to die.

Brian Harnois is best known for appearing on the hit series “Ghost Hunters” on the Syfy Channel. Mark Constantino appeared as a guest star with his wife Debby on Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” with Zak Bagans.

The Constantinos made national headlines last week when they were found dead in their daughter Raquel’s apartment in Nevada. While in a standoff with police and the FBI, Mark shot and killed Debby, then he took his own life.

“I had to put that asshole in his place once when he tried to talk down to me. Sorry scum, but if it wasn’t for me and the other original Ghost Hunters you wouldn’t have been able to label yourself as an EVP specialist (which you weren’t) and call yourself a TV personality,” Brian Harnois said in regards to Mark Constantino. Harnois also called him a “murdering scumbag” and a “twat nugget” on his Facebook page.

Harnois said that he wished he could “donkey punch” Raquel for her part in the crimes. He also had a message for his fans and friends that were sharing his thoughts on the tragedy.

“My daddy is in Heaven watching out for me and my sister. My mother is burning in Hell where she belongs,” Raquel Constantino said on her Facebook page.

Brian Harnois on Mark Constantino

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  • Paranormal Truth

    We need to look at the crime and it sad that Debby died because of an individual who was mentally deranged and had no respect for human life. We cant simply turn our heads and ignore the fact that he killed two people just to be politically correct, As much as I am not a fan of Brian, the truth is the truth. If this was someone who the paranormal community didnt know they would have crucified him for such a heinous act, yet because he was an TV investigator he gets a free ride? Any man who beats on a woman, who strangles, hurts, maims or kills her our of sheer jealousy and hatred is a loser, plain and simple regardless what celebrity status they held.

  • Paula

    Yeah Brian.

  • Jesse Roth

    This is deplorable. No one “deserves” to die. While marks actions were inexcusable and not right, I fear that Brian is just using this to try and weasel his way back into the paranormal field. He has been supposedly spotted claiming to have come out of retirement…. He didn’t retire, he was booted out after scamming people. He also was supposedly seen claiming to be the godfather of paranormal pfft. And claiming he made Mark and Debby who they are??? Wth does Brian think he is?

  • Don

    Brian Harnois is a toad! We’re talking about a complete idiot that faked his own Suicide and drew attention to himself. What a scumbag!

  • Mike

    Once again Harnois shows us his true self and it makes for an quite unflattering picture. Not only is the Ghost Hunters show reject sounding more like a school playground bully than an investigator, boasting of a supposed challenge he made to Mark, but also erroneously criticizes the integrity of Mark & Debbie’s evp work which is actually generally accepted as reference quality stuff (certainly light-years ahead of Brian’s amateurish efforts). Just mean trash-talk from the mouth of a has-been is all, avoid if possible.

  • Janice Meredith

    Brian is no saint…..I believe he was kicked off the show! I know they said he left, but this twit always thought he was better than all the other’s on Ghost Hunters!!


    Brian …after you went into hiding over the past fiasco …commenting like that upon others family in a derogative manner will only move the remaining fans away and for the others wonder about why you think youre qualified to make such an opinion when you left your own fiasco just a little while ago unfixed and not forgotten,,,most respecting professionals passed on condoleces not barbaric bs and behavior,Go get checked – you could have an attachment.Have you hugged your kids today?!?!?!?!?

  • The Punisher

    Brian is the devil.

  • MordorianQueen

    Well, there’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Karissa Fleck

    A lot of people said negative things about mark why write about only one of them? You cry blackmail on your one post about some unknown group you are out to destroy and say the lady is harassing you with fake profiles. Hahhahaha! Karma guess when tasting your own medicine you aren’t able to handle it.

  • Lea

    Why are people blasting Brian? He’s right. Mark killed an innocent woman. He was scum. Good people do not kill, kidnap, strangle, torture. Disgusting human beings do not deserve to be protected and cared about. People are ridiculous. Lets stop caring about the evil and care more about the victims, the innocent. Mark and their daughter (If she was involved) deserve what he got and what she has coming. Debby did not deserve to die. Stop protecting the bad and defective and stop blasting the ones who have the balls to stand up and say what they feel and deserves to be said. Just because someone is a human being does not mean they deserve to live… killers deserve to die, stop trying to be so politically correct.

  • Lea

    and for not passing judgement… I will judge someone who kills another. As should you. Step out of that box you live in.

  • I don’t care what Debby did or how she allegedly abused her family, she left them. She moved on. They had no right to chase her down, kidnap, strangle and eventually murder her.

    I don’t care for either Mark, Debby or Brian. I prefer people of integrity and honesty. But neither my feelings or yours, have any bearing on what happened. Mark does deserve to burn in hell and he probably is. His daughter deserves a very long jail sentence and I hope she gets it.

    You don’t hunt down, kidnap and murder, no matter how much you hurt or feel you’ve been hurt.

    And for those of you seeking attention through this tragedy, (Brian and Huff Paranormal), you’re disgusting. May the spirits forever stop speaking with you.

  • Louise

    I’m so sick of these P/C arsehats.Brian,while rolling in offal at times, has a grip on the essence of mark and daughter.They obviously were watching the golden egg laying goose take a powder and tried to put a stop to that.

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