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Raquel Constantino says that her deceased mother Debby is ‘burning in Hell’

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The daughter of paranormal investigators Mark and Debby Constantino lashed out against her deceased mother on Facebook. She said that her father is watching over her in Heaven and that her mother is in Hell where she belongs.

Mark and Debra “Debby” Constantino were killed in a domestic violence related incident in Nevada yesterday. Mark allegedly kidnapped his estranged wife Debby and killed her male roommate at their home in Reno on September 22. After the murder, Mark took his wife hostage and fled to their daughter’s apartment in Sparks where he was in a standoff with Reno and Sparks police.

The Constantinos were known for appearing on the Travel Channel’s hit series “Ghost Adventures” with Zak Bagans. They were paranormal investigators and specialized in audio and EVP analysis.

“Give me 15 minutes to gather my thoughts or I’ll kill her,” Mark Constantino said to Deputy Chief Tom Robinson of Reno Police during negotiations yesterday.

Rocky ArrestedDuring the 3-hour standoff with S.W.A.T. and the FBI, Mark murdered his wife and eventually killed himself. He was previously arrested on August 8 and charged with kidnapping and domestic violence. The Constantino’s daughter Raquel “Rocky” Constantino was also arrested and charged in the incident. Mark and Raquel allegedly kidnapped Debby and strangled her.

“This is Mark and Debby’s daughter. None of you knew my family or the abuse we lived through. My daddy is in Heaven watching out for me and my sister. My mother is burning in Hell where she belongs,” Raquel Constantino said today.

On September 7, Debby said that she was filing for divorce. In a later message dated on September 15, she said that she was giving her cats away.

“The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them,” Debby Constantino’s last post on Twitter reads.

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  • I feel bad for the Constatinos they were great EVP operators and saw them several times on Ghost Adventures with Zack Bagans.

  • I feel bad for the Constatinos they were great EVP operators and saw them several times on Ghost Adventures with Zack Bagans.

  • I do not believe the husband is in heaven. He is more likely to be in hell. I went through a lot of abuse from my mother and I did not try to kill her.

    • Rudy Oliver

      Maybe they can contact them on the show and find out.

  • Paula

    Wow! We only know the tip of the iceberg!

  • Keli

    Im trying to understand what kind of girl makes comments like these about her mom? And this is the girl who was also involved in the previous kidnap and strangulation. I simply cannot make sense of this nor wrap my head around her comments. I hope that she finds some type of peace and compassion in her soul because whats showing is not very nice.

    • Kelly

      I was wondering the same thing. This Girl sounds as nutty as her Father. I know we dont know what went on with them but whatever it was Debby and her Roommate did not deserve to die. The Daughter might want to look into some mental health help because I think she got her Fathers mental issues. I had an abusive relationship where my boyfriend beat me and on occasion I defended myself but I never thought of killing the jerk.

  • Alexandra Shepiro

    Wow..this girl really needs Help!

    Sorry,. but there is no way in hell that Mark is in heaven after what he did!

  • Tanya shrock

    The constantinos daughter should be ashamed of herself saying that about her mother. It doesn’t matter what she did in the past she is her mom and deserves respect even in death. Shame on her!!!!



  • glorygirl

    The twisted daughter neglected to mention her father also murdered a totally innocent bystander, her mother’s roommate. So this can’t possibly classify him as heaven-worthy. She’s
    evil, just like her father was.

  • glorygirl

    Hope there is still some way the daughter’s pending criminal charges against her mother can move forward. It would be possible if otherwise eye witnesses were present.

  • Kelly

    Yeah and I am sure we don’t know what you and your Father put your Mother through either, having two of you nut cases on her back could not have been a picnic either. I would have fought back too. RIP Debby and rot in Hell Mark just like your Daughter will when she kicks the bucket. Such a shame two people lost their lives because of one Man thought they should die.

  • Lisa

    Since this daughter was the same daughter that was “allegedly” (after reading her comments, I use the term loosely) involved in the kidnapping, strangulation, burglary and beating of her mother and mother’s friend, and is also the same daughter that occupies the residence that the murder/suicide of her parents occurred at, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she was somehow involved in this, too. Could it be she was actually there at the time and that’s why Mark needed “15 minutes to think…”, so that it gave her time to escape? These are all just speculative ideas running through my head. Obviously, I wasn’t there, but it is possible. Maybe she didn’t expect her ‘Daddy’ to kill himself, that may have been an afterthought, but I wouldn’t put it past her for, at least, giving him the place in which to pull off the kidnapping and murder. She needs to be investigated THOROUGHLY! Especially, after making such harsh and disrespectful comments like that about her own MOTHER. I’m sure at the very least, they won’t bode well for her previous case (if they can still try her, that is.)RIP Debby, you are the REAL VICTIM here, you and James. May you both find peace and happiness in HEAVEN. Mark, I pray you are free of your DEMONS now. You have God to answer to and I pray for your soul. All I can say is I wouldn’t want to be where you are standing right now. What’s ironic is, if you go to Debby’s and Mark’s website and scroll all the way to the bottom, to the last small video box, there is a video of Mark and Debby talking about what they think happens to us after we die.

  • stephanie

    I don’t understand the anger that can make a daughter talk that way about her mother after she’s murdered..and a father after he’s killed her mother. It’s baffling to me! Anyone who goes out with that girl needs to watch his back. She’s not right in her head. Shameful behavior, hopefully she has the conscience now to feel bad about her comments.

  • JudiinNJ

    I hope little Rocky finds a husband just like her “daddy”.

  • Mary

    Why did the daughter have to strangle her mom? How horrible is that? What a terrible, bad decision. She must make a lot of other bad decisions too. How does one kidnap her mom? Why? That’s just plain crazy. I wonder if her parents spoiled her? I don’t care how bad your mom is to you, just stay away. That’s all you have to do, just have limited interaction with her would have been the wise thing to do.

  • Veronica Tobeck

    im so very discussed with the behavour of this girl you ought to be ashamed of your self after your mother brought you into this world and raised you and you go and do a thing like that what sort of daughter are you all you think about is your self and that is it you don’t care about anyone but your self how could you do that to your mum let me tell you this your mum will be going to heaven your poor mum I feel sorry for let me tell you girlie your so very selfish and cruel

  • Veronica Tobeck

    And you don’t have a heart you have no feelings let me tell you this your dad will be in hell now where he will be for ever your mum did everything for you your mum wanted you to have everything this is what you and your so call father did and you what sort of 2 are yous girlie when you die you will be going to hell where your father is

  • Veronica Tobeck

    I hope that your mum haunts you I really do trust me she will now I hope everyone will have nothing to do with you I just can’t understand why it sounds like to me you need help really badly not that it’s not going to change a thing

  • Becca

    This is a very sick and hurting young lady.. No matter how bad she is still your mom.. You are right no knew what went on in your home I hope you and your sister find peace somehow someway.. May u find God u need him..

  • I think we should let God decide who goes to hell and heaven. I don’t believe it is for any of us to make his decision. What does need to happen is for the remaining family members to get whatever counseling they need or what ever support to help them live with this and realize that bad things happen to people everyday. I am sure that we all wish we had the power to prevent such things but we don’t so we can”t. What we can do is tell those we are close to that we love them each and everyday. So there is no question in anyones mind how you feel about them.
    For the traumatic way it ended. I hope all soul will rest in peace. Amen

  • Tonnie Moon

    No matter what this girl’s mother did in her life, what she said about her here is unforgivable. I wonder what that poor woman went through during her time with this obvious psycho and their horrible daughter. I can only imagine… and we’ll likely never know; all we’ll know is what her daughter will say of her.
    Her mother gave her life and at least a seemingly good one. It is just unconscionable that she disrespect her like this in death.
    Her comments make me wonder if she didn’t murder her mother and he dad took his life in lieu of her having to answer for it?
    Like someone else said, “I hope this is investigated VERY thoroughly.”

  • kiki

    K I want to know what abuse she is talking about? It sounds as if she is implying that it was her mother who was the abuser and not the father??? I’m confused because DEBBIE didn’t seem to be an abusive women and what could make a husband and daughter drag her out beat hee kidnapped her held her hostage and so on….. What exactly is she talking about??? It seems like she is brainwashed because this sounds as if he is the abuser she got away and he couldn’t handle his property to be taken from him and after everything he couldn’t have her no one could have her and maybe she was dating this roommate that is DEAD. I hope that the sister she speaks of can sort this out for us…who was the abuser how long was this abuse and if she also thinks that her daddy is the good guy and the mommy was the abuser… I just am so confused about all this and I wish this little bitch could have some decent bones and tell us….how can the mother who took the abuse be in hell…

  • Lorna Burrough

    If, indeed, Debby was the awful person her daughter claimed, why the hell didn’t the two of them just let her go, be rid of her once and for all? Common sense, eh? To claim that hell is her mother’s final destination proves her lack of understanding. Furthermore, if she understood what hell truly is, she would not even wish it upon Hitler! See 23 minutes in hell. No one, regardless of wrongs passed, could bear to wish this extent of suffering upon another, muchless one’s OWN MOTHER. Somebody please exercise this girl. HATRED begets HATRED. If she fails to understand what spirituality truly is, it will be HER in hell for eternity. “Honor your mother and father and you will live a long life.” She’s already trimmed the end of what would have been her golden years. This child desperately needs our prayers and a Christian mentor. Someone please help her before it is too late!

  • Tezco

    What a bitch the daughter is!

  • This is why you dont mess around with spirits. They can take over you and make bad things happen in your life .

  • Karen Randall

    I cannot believe that someone would say something so despicable and evil about their poor Mother who had been murdered by her father. She certainly appears to be like her father. She also needs help to say and think things like that, I am so sad for the mother. R.I.P Debby.

  • Laika Matthews

    With a daughter like u, who needs enemies?? Was it u that told where she was?!?!
    R.I.P Debbie.

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