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Steve Huff attempts to communicate with Mark and Debby Constantino the day they died

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A murder-suicide is rocking the paranormal community this week. Mark Constantino shot and killed his wife Debby and then himself during a standoff with police today. EVP specialist Steve Huff says he has already tried to reach out to the spirits of the deceased paranormal investigators.


Mark and Debby Constantino were best known for appearing on the Travel Channel’s hit series “Ghost Adventures” with Zak Bagans. They were paranormal investigators and specialized in audio and EVP analysis.

Constantino allegedly kidnapped his estranged wife Debby and murdered her male roommate at their home in Reno this morning. After the murder, Constantino took his wife hostage and fled to his apartment in Sparks where he was in a standoff with the Reno and Sparks police departments.

During the 3-hour standoff with S.W.A.T. and the FBI, Constantino shot and killed his wife Debby and eventually took his own life. He was previously arrested on August 8 and charged with kidnapping and domestic violence. Constantino allegedly kidnapped his wife and strangled her.

“The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them,” Debby Constantino’s last post on Twitter reads.

Paranormal investigator and EVP specialist Steve Huff says that the best time to communicate with spirits is immediately upon their death. He claimed that he did a ghost box session after he heard the news.
sh1“The best time to reach someone is within 24 hours of their passing and I find nothing wrong with it at all, especially if it is the best chance for communication,” Steve Huff said. “I already did a session and had some flat out amazing things come through but am not posting it as everyone gets all weird over it. Debbie was in this field, EVP was her specialty.”

While some paranormal investigators openly agree with Huff, most disagree, saying that it is disgraceful.Steve Huff on Constantino Tragedy

Quick Session at Home 9/23Quick UN-Targeted session today at home 🙂 Always intelligent replies, which is awesome. Full longer video by the weekend! Enjoy!

Posted by Huff Paranormal on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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John Albrecht has been a paranormal investigator for over a decade, eight years with his own organized team. Having had a paranormal experience in 2001, he has been looking for answers ever since. John currently lives in a haunted house somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Rob S.

    What a crock of BS from Huff. He says – “The best time to reach someone is within 24 hours of their passing and I find nothing wrong with it at all, especially if it is the best chance for communication,”

    If that statement was true, then there would be no such thing as EVP, ITC, spirit box communiction because the ability to contact spirits would be gone after 24 hours. Gettysburg would be a non-location for contacting spirits as that happened, what a 150 years ago? Certainly more than 24 hours, so there should be ZERO chance of making contact with any Union or Confederate soldiers if what Huff says is true.

    That is Huff’s defense for shamelessly, exploiting a tragedy. Pathetic.

    • Michelle

      Where did he say you can’t receive any contact after a 24 hour period?

      • Rob S.

        From his post on the 23rd of Sept at 11:36AM, 7th paragraph down says and quote….”I will state again: The best time to contact someone after they pass is the 1st 48 hours. I have tested this theory for 5 years and it is always the case. If we wait we usually miss out as it gets MUCH harder to do. Sometimes impossible. So I will always do what I do, no matter the case and many times they are kept private and never shown, which will be the case here (as I said from the start yesterday).”

      • kirsten

        I don’t know about 24 hours…but I am an empath. I will say that I have had dreams of my deceased loved ones where they were able to communicate with me until the day after the funeral. Then it seems that contact is spotty. I don’t expect that to be scientific or anything, but as scientists, as the Constantino’s were, we push our emotions aside to conduct important research. I believe they would understand.

    • Michelle

      Can you tell me where he said anything about all contact being gone within 24 hours?

      All I’m reading is that he feels the best time to contact is right after death. I can’t find anything about him saying you can’t get any contact after 24 hours of the death in this article.

      Or are you taking the information from somewhere else?

      Sorry if this double posts, I don’t know why nothing is showing up when I post it.

  • Karma

    Wow. I think you left your conscience at the door, there; buddy.

  • Its very disgraceful what hes doing

  • yolanda

    Im sick of peoples judgements! Steve Huff did what Steve Huff does! If he says within 24 48 after death.who cares! Maybe it works that way with him.Steve Huff does this as well as Mark and Debbie.its who they were and are.Knock the shit off people! Nothing wrong with what Steve Huff did!

    • Rob S.

      I’m going to debunk this nonsense point by point.

      1) Steve Huff does what Steve Huff does. These days its shameless self promotion when a tragedy like this happens. He didn’t use to be like this until his head inflated like a balloon. But when all you care about is fame and fortune……..

      2)You say who cares if he says 24-48 hours? Go do some actual research on what happens, as somebody already posted here. Also, Steve said 24-48 hours then contact is almost impossible. Did you understand the magnitude of that statement? If that was true then all spirit communication after 48 hours should be next to impossible. All of it. It’s nothing more than a pathetic excuse to justify what he is doing. He is not a visionary with new profound views like Copernicus.

      3)Steve does this as well as Mark and Debbie??? Really? Please list all the times Mark and Debbie did EVP or ITC to communicate with people who had just died. What celebrities did they try to make contact with hours after death? Mind you, when Steve does ITC in his house or a haunted location, did you ever see backlash like this over his work? Nope.

      4)There was something absolutely wrong with what Steve did. He was not friends with the Constantinos as far as I know. He was not acquainted with them as far as I know. He was not asked by the family to make contact as that would have been the farthest things from their minds. Know if he was doing a regular session and they made contact through him that would be different than him rushing out to do his own contact and then publicize it so his ego would be stroked knowing he was the first one to do it.

      What is equally sad is that once news broke of the deaths, people started predicting that Steve would pull this stunt.

      You may think he did nothing wrong, but 95% of the paranormal community thinks the opposite. Why don’t you go contact Dave Scharder from Darkness Radio and personal friend of the Constantinos and see what he thinks as he has already spoken on this matter.

    • Daaniel C. Reiter

      So you obviously believe that anything that criminal and charlatan says to be true? You are pitiful, as are all of Huff’s “slaves”.

    • Rhonda

      Nothing wrong with what he did? Ask the Constantinos daughter is she feels that way, too. It’s called common decency and respect, both of which Huff lacks. He said it himself…”I have a sense for business, how to promote a business”…in the business management world, we call that marketing. Unfortunately, most successful businesses build their success on unethical marketing practices and Huff is no stranger to it.

      • Loopycann

        Ask the constatinos daughter????? I hope that selfish little twat gets EVERYTHING she as coming. Really? So you think what Steve did in any way was worse than her actions? Get a grip on reality.

      • N.c.

        Nice. You’re right though there’s business and personal and since dude says he’s pretty sure that the Constantino’s weren’t friends with Steve Huff then its not like it was personal. I may be pissed at someone who owes me money for an item I sold them and for whatever reason they never made good on paying me. But if I cant afford to let go of something then I shouldn’t have let them leave with it. Now if that same person came to me again wanting to buy a different item and could pay the full amount right then and there would I sell the item to them?? YES I WOULD. But let’s face it people love to hate. LOL I also noticed that Steve Huff didn’t charge anyone to see that video that I saw.


    Huff is a vile piece of shit for doing this to propel his imaginary career and any who condones his action is a big a turd as he. Lets pray when you die someone shits on your grave.

  • I’ve always believed Mark and Debby Constantino to be among the most notorious frauds in the contemporary paranormal ‘business’, and this event has not changed my opinion. That being said, it is sad when anyone passes, especially under such horrific circumstances. As for Mr. Huff, my problem is not that he attempted to make contact so soon, but his willingness to make that fact known in what appears to be an attempt to capitalize on the tragedy.

    • Kathy

      Ok, so nothing wrong with what he did..except a lot of people think there is something wrong with what he did- which he CLEARLY did for notoriety. Maybe the bar should be set a little higher than this. Maybe you’re okay with it in the gutter. These people have families to be considered, not just his need to prove a point. He could have done what ever he wanted without publicizing it. He didn’t. He tried to get clicks and followers on someone else’s tragedy. That is bush.

  • steve barry

    I had heart failure March of this year…I was shocked back to life 53 times..I left this earth for sometime as they kept shocking me back. Let me tell you..when you leave here there’s no conception of time ..or place. You feel peace! Your not looking for a spirit box or listening for someone to give you a shout out! Your wondering were you are at…searching your new surroundings…..I may be one of the few who made it back here that’s in the paranormal field..So Mr. Huff I’ll tell you this..your theory is totally wrong.

    • Michelle

      You’re alive aren’t you?

      I think you’re wrong to automatically assume what you experienced was actual death, especially seeing as you’re still alive. It was a near death experience.

      And many people who have actually been far beyond brain dead, and been brought back to life completely contradict what you’re saying. You story only corroborates with the beginning of death, not the full experience.

      I seriously don’t understand why everyone is being such sticklers over his belief that the best time is right after death. And unfortunately I don’t think what you can say you experienced can even relate.

      Mark and Debby are actually dead, they’re not coming back. You are still alive and came back, regardless of what you experienced, you never fully died is my point.

      • steve barry

        Michelle have you ever had a NDE! If not don’t preach to me what death is…I guess in your value of life death is when you don’t come back..In my value death is when you any doctor if you flatline you dead unless someone rives you in time… tell me whats the full experience….please tell me your a surgeon!

      • steve barry

        So Michelle your saying that 24 to 48 window is the best time to talk to spirits…Have you been reincarnated..other wise please show me proof or the science behind this….and if an evp is captured …how does one know that..that is the spirit that just left that body? Please explain I really wanna here this answer.

  • Darci


  • Shannon

    You are a vile and disrespectful person.

  • Meygon

    You people do realize that this is false right ? The people who wrote this article mixed up his words. He didn’t say anything like that. I’ve been following Huff for a while now and if you check out his Facebook you can see what was really said and done.

  • Susan D

    FYI!! The statement made by Steve is being taken out of context, 1st this was made in response to a post by someone on his page saying it would be disrespectful and NO one should try to contact Mark or Debby etc!! He was simply saying what he believes that the 1st 24-48 hrs R critical in his opinion for contacting those who have passed(public figures or not) everything in the above article has been misconstrued and taken out of context and made to look a certain way by jealous haters! I have seen his posts right from the get go, and he has said MANY PPL in the ITC field have tried to contact them as well as him and that he will NOT be posting it ever publically in the near future if ever!!! So PPL check the facts out before U swallow something U read on the NET from one source which is simply trying to cause more strife and get more fans to their page!! SMFH!!

  • J lo

    Steve huff didn’t say any of this… In fact Steve huff himself has said he wasn’t going to attempt this on these individuals or post videos… In fact John Albrecht jr. I would like to see your source. These are all blatant opinions based on no facts. If you’ve actually been following huff for a long time you would see this doesnt even fit huffs personality or agenda.

  • melissa

    Steve has not even attempted to contact people only slander this man because he works so hard in the paranormal field and its your jealousy of him. If you put forth half of the energy in the science instead of putting energy into slandering him you may be as successful with contacting spirit and working tirelessly to learn how the other side can help us understand things better. Your a bunch of heartless bullies in my opinion.

    • Jewell’s

      That is a lie he did say in one of his videos he did contact mark and Debbie ! Fact !! He said he didn’t know if or when he would ever put it on his y t channel ! He is a fraud and everyone who is legit in the itc field know this! He should be ashamed of himself for this and for faking his evidence !! If you want to see real evidence I can list a few people who get real responses because Steve huff does not ! John Huntington, proving demons . Order of magnitude. EVP paranormal science, The high priestess. Many many others in the truth seekers group! They all stand for integrity! Watch some of these investigators.

  • J bishoff`

    this is a bunch of crap Steve never even did a session like this and nobody even contacted him to ask if it was true next time you write something try going to the source before telling lies to the world.

  • Rob S.

    The kool aid drinkers listen up, you do realize there is a thing called “EDIT” to Facebook posts. Go look at Steve’s post about the the whole thing from the 23rd. It says up on the top “EDITED”.

    See, people take screen shots and quote what was said. then major backlash comes out. Oh, time to do some fancy editing to remove the incriminating remarks. Then go out and cry oh woe is me the haters are so jealous of me. The lemmings lap it up and then rush out to defend him. Oh he never did that as they are crying right now.

    I never gave one hoot about him and his work, he’s a dime a dozen out there. But I watched this one play out to see what would happen and amazing how many sheeple worship at his alter. Good night kool aid drinkers.

    • Patty Hale

      Rob, you are part of the Huff hater group that tries to post anything they can that negative about Steve. You haters are bullies and you do it all the time. So people, if you don’t know anything about Steve, know that he is a man of integrity and love. There is a mob of very evil people that go after him all the time. They are jealous, have always been of him. They go to the extreme of faking videos of him. They have done horrible things. They spend a lot of time on their hate. They are a Lynch mob. They would do worse if they could get away with it. Some of them are already in trouble with the authorities or are being watched.

      • kirsten

        Patty, you can’t edit comments that others leave. Only the original post. Just an FYI. I’m unbiased on Huffs work also.

  • paula

    let me get this perfectly clear EVERYTHING HERE IS A LIE Tim Woolworth LIE’S .
    DO NOT listen and read all this bull shit if you want real talk to Steve he is the nicest and most uncomplicated man he is truthful and honest to the end i for one would rather trust a honest man than many others out there including the back stabbing Tim Woolworth AND OTHERS. )O(

  • Daaniel C. Reiter

    Steve Huff has proven himself to be a liar, a fraud, with absolutely zero respect for others, including his pathetic “fanbase”. Those of us in the know, have seen this time and time again. Huff personally inboxed me several times claiming he had received death threats from another well-known researcher. Lies. All of you who continue to stick up for him are nothing but “fanboys” to the vile AIDS-like creature called Huff. NO ONE in the paranormal community that possesses a whit of integrity buys into his bullshit. I could go on and on and on, but it would just go over your heads and fall on deaf ears. Just wait…I can guarantee you all…Huff will fall.

  • brandy

    I would absolutely LOVE to hear the whole thing. I was ready the minute he announced it. Absolutely yes, this is all fresh. Wounds are festering. But, who better to hear evidence from than from debby herself…even if it’s so fresh for us. It’s not fresh for her. As excited as she got over capturing an evp, I can only imagine how excited she would be to cause this phenomenon.

  • steve barry

    who is Steve Huff never heard of him anyway…

  • kirsten

    As paranormal scientists, we are what we do. I see nothing wrong with doing this. The Constantino’s had a tragic end, very sad, but this is what they loved. It is no more disrespectful than placing a bottle of booze in the coffin of a person who died of alcoholism, and in fact, I feel it is actually less disrespectful. It honors them, in who they were in life. I really think people are being too hard on Steve, and I feel is easier to reach them soon after death. I believe the paranormal world is shaken by this horrible chapter for the Constantino’s, and we all have a right to grieve/make sense of it in our own way.

  • Lucypotato

    As Brandy says, I believe Debby for sure would have wanted to be contacted right away as well, this is what she did in life so everyone get over it?

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