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Mark and Debby Constantino killed in domestic violence incident

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Paranormal investigators Mark and Debby Constantino were killed in a domestic violence related incident in Nevada today. Constantino allegedly kidnapped his estranged wife and another man and was in a standoff with Sparks police.

Mark Constantino ArrestedThe Constantinos were known for appearing on the Travel Channel’s hit series “Ghost Adventures” with Zak Bagans. They were paranormal investigators and specialized in audio and EVP analysis.

Constantino allegedly kidnapped his estranged wife Debra and killed her male roommate at their home in Reno on September 22. After the murder, Constantino took his wife hostage and fled to their daughter’s apartment in Sparks where he was in a standoff with Reno and Sparks police.

“Give me 15 minutes to gather my thoughts or I’ll kill her,” Constantino said to Deputy Chief Tom Robinson of Reno Police during negotiations.

During the 3-hour standoff with S.W.A.T. and the FBI, Constantino murdered his wife and eventually killed himself. He was previously arrested on August 8 and charged with kidnapping and domestic violence. Constantino allegedly kidnapped his wife and strangled her.

On September 7, Constantino’s wife said that she was filing for divorce. In a later message dated on September 15, she said that she was giving her cats away.

“The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them,” Debra Constantino’s last post on Twitter reads.


ALERT Heavy police activity15th & Oddie.  Shots have been fired. SWAT on scene Please stay out of the area for your safety. Posted by Sparks Police Department on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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  • Michelangelo

    There’s a lot more to this !! Will we ever know what happened leading up to this nightmare for them..

  • Tanya Jackson

    I just want to know how the ghost adventures team are taking this tragedy and how do they feel about it?

  • Benjamin

    You want to open that door to the other side, dark things enter your body and soul! May God Bless those left behind in this tragedy!

  • Heriberto Crespo

    Soo Sad!!

  • Reba

    prayers for the family .. Feel for their daughter to have this happen.. They will be missed

  • That’s terrable I remember them from ghost adventure I hate hearing things like this so sad

  • Bruce

    so will they now be picked up on other ghost hunters equipment?

  • Reggie Mars

    Has the Bobby Macky curse struck again?

  • nico

    I’ve had weird vibes from the husband for years, ever since I saw them on the first episode they were on together. dude had that look about him, like a possessed/ obsessed jealous prick and she probably didnt help matters. they seemed to jibe like oil and water

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