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Tiny dog chases Bigfoot from its owners property in South Carolina

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A brave little dog was caught on video chasing Bigfoot away. A man was walking his Yorkie when they suddenly had a strange encounter in South Carolina this weekend.

Eric Walters was walking his dog Ziggy when they had an encounter with a Sasquatch. The Yorkie chased the creature away, scaring it from the man’s property.

“I quickly realized it was not a bear but a Sasquatch. Ziggy could tell I was scared and got so riled up that he got loose and went after it. It turns out the brave little guy chased the Sasquatch away and saved me from a possible encounter. I love him more than ever,” Walters said to ABC News.

“Yorkies are small in size, but bigger than even a Sasquatch in heart. I’ve read that some people think I was a little over dramatic, but how would you react to a Sasquatch,” he said.

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