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Woman steals dirt from graves at Salem’s Witch Trials Memorial to sell it

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A New York woman is under fire for allegedly stealing dirt from the Witch Trials Memorial at The Burial Point Cemetery in Salem. The woman who claims that she is a witch herself, removed the listing from her Etsy store after complaints from Salem locals.


Athena Cameron of Brooklyn, New York was selling dirt that she stole from graves at the Witch Trials Memorial at The Burial Point Cemetery. The cemetery is one of the oldest graveyards in the country and is located in Salem, Massachusetts.

“This tourist stole from Old Burial Point and is trying to make money from stolen property. She has been reported to the authorities. As for the spiritual repercussions, who knows… But she will surely be paying in other ways for the crime she has committed,” Sandra Wright said in regards to what Cameron did.

Cameron runs a store called Morbid Goddess Art on Etsy and allegedly sells things that she finds in cemeteries. When she isn’t taking dirt in cemeteries, she hunts for ghosts with paranormal research group After Dark Investigators.

“Speaking as a Salem witch, and I’m sure most of us feel the same, we see our Salem as sacred. The graves are our ancestors and the energy of our home is very platonic. Taking graveyard dirt from our cemetery and then selling it is only going to manifest a lot of pissed off witches and the spirit of place,” Sharon Graham said.

Cameron visited the cemetery on November 4 with her paranormal group. The group posted photos on their Facebook page from the trip.

Many people feel that she is a thief for taking the dirt and selling it. After complaints started coming in, Cameron removed the listing.

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